Thursday, 2 December 2010

2 weeks to go!

Thursday 25th November:

- Tutorial cancelled because of the snow

Feedback on draft:
- Interview the head of Rave SU for their comments on Freshers Week poster

- Chapter two needs more focus. Points to consider, with the the programes mentioned is the media fueling the fire? What is the government doing? Where are traditional role models? More mums working, girls continually getting A*'s

- Chapter 3 What's happening right now and what the future holds, Kate Middleton, The Pope RE: condoms, Sam Cam, Ga Ga, Burlosconi. Are more women being made redundant?

General points to consider:
1. Continue to push for more primary sources, even in the last week as they may really help a chapter, they are so very important.
2. Use strong illustrations where appropriate.
3. Stay focused to your chapters and lead question at all times.
4. Keep on top of the harvard referencing system.
5. Ask someone who doesn't know you or your subject to proof read everything, does it make sense? Does it flow? Are you repeating yourself?

To do for next week:
- Continue writing
- Continue contacting primary sources

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