Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Primary Sources


- Attended Feminism in London conference
- Attended Reclaim the Night March
- Carried out a survey on attitudes to women
- Contacted Lynne Featherstone MP - received an email back;
"I am sorry to have to inform you that the Minister is unable to respond to requests such as this.

However if you visit this webpage there are several documents listed that you will be able to pull quotes from:"
- Contacted HollabackLDN - still awaiting a response
- Contacted Kat Banyard - still awaiting a response
- Contacted a Rape Crisis counsellor - still awaiting a response
- Contacted The Anti-Porn Men Project - still awaiting a response

Questions asked:

- What do you believe is the biggest struggle for women in modern society?
- What sort of response have you had to HollabackLDN?
- What affect does porn have both on the self-esteem and behaviour of teenagers and adults?
- Do you think women will ever achieve equality as long as pornography is consumed?
- How do you feel about the argument that porn is empowering for women?
- What long term effect does rape or sexual assault have on its victims?

- On average, how many of the victims you speak to see their attackers prosecuted?

- How do you feel about the trivialisation of rape by comedians and social networking?

Possible sources:

- Speak to someone about why feminists are and have always been vilified

- Talk to glamour models about objectification and being judged for their appearance

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